Three cousins (primos) separated as young boys during the civil war in El Salvador, journey to Las Vegas due to their grandfather's failing health. Now the reunited cousins must overcome a love triangle, a lethal gambling debt and familial revenge. Powered by a diverse cast including Henry Darrow (High Chaparral, Zorro), Matt Ferrucci (I Am That Girl, Missing Mia, and CSI Miami), Eloy Mendez (Bread and Roses), Andrea Grano (Planet of the Apes, 24), and Ilia Volok (U-Turn, Air Force One, Alias). Shot on location in El Salvador and Las Vegas, Primo is a daring and emotional saga of a Latino family struggling to heal.


Mann Chinese

6801 Hollywood, California


September 13, 2008

7:25 p.m.


PRIMO - West Coast Premiere